Board of Directors

Melina García, Founder and Executive Director (Email Melina)

Melina García is a native Venezuelan and resident of Union City, NJ for the last 6 years. An active member of her community, she saw a need to create a program that would enrich the lives of Union City’s children and their families.

Mrs Garcia has over 15 years of experience in public and media relations, international politics and development, fundraising and project management. She has also held positions at the William J. Clinton Foundation, the Venezuelan Mission to the United Nations and The Wayuu Taya Foundation, as well as affiliations with several national and local non-profit organizations including ARTSPlan NJ, Art for Change and Por un Mejor Hoy.

Mrs Garcia holds a BA in Media Studies and a BA in Studio Art from Hunter College, and has taken courses in Cultural Planning and Creative Place Making at Rutgers University

Gloria La Morte, Chairwoman
Joseph Aponte, Treasurer
Sandra Vasquez, Secretary
Ulysses Isa, Esq., Attorney to the board

Board Members

Angelique Phillips
Kailee Scales
Ralph Peralta

Board of Advisors

David Gracia-Pianist, Abreu Fellow 2011

Enrique Marquez, Harvard, CurriculumDeveloper and Advisor

Jeanine De Bique, Manhattan School of Music, First Soprano at the Vienna Opera House

Karen Pinzolo, Arts Plan NJ Program, Director at ArtPride NJ Foundation

Stanford Thompson, Play On Philly, Executive Director

Stephanie Scherpf, Program Director at the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium

Silvestre Padrón, Choral conductor and educator. Kodaly specialist

Music Instructors

The UCMP is currently looking for Cello, General Music Education, percussion, and brass instructors for its 2012 Summer Program. The procedures used by the UCMP to screen and hire new teachers will be the following:

For more information, or to apply for a position with the UCMP, please contact