UCMP Photo Gallery

Park Theater Renovation

One of our rooms, which was not in use and in really bad condition, was transformed in just 5 days by a group of volunteers from Advanced Education's Legacy team into a reading room/homework room. Additionally, our entrance was enhanced by a beautiful mural created by Leandro Comrie. We all worked really hard, until 2:00am many days in order to complete this for our students.

Mary Pat Christie Gives Melina Garcia the 2015 New Jersey Hero Award

First Lady Mary Pat Christie Gives Melina Garcia the 2015 New Jersey Hero Award

4th Annual Benefit

The UCMP held their 4th Annual Benefit on Wednesday, October 15th at the Chart House Restaurant in Weehawken, NJ.

Preparation for Upcoming Summer Concerts

In preparation for a series of upcoming concerts, the UCMP children have Saturday rehearsals.

2014 Multi Art Show

On Thursday, June 5th, UCMP students performed at the Union High High School, as part of the annual Union City Multi Art Show

El Sistema NJ at NJPAC

UCMP students performed with 4 other El Sistema Programs at NJPAC. This was the first time all NJ nucleos came together.

Cosmo For Latina Fun & Fearless Awards

UCMP's Executive Director has been awarded the Cosmo for Latinas Fun and Fearless Latina Award 2014

UCMP's 2014 Spring Showcase

Our students had their Spring showcase at the UC High School theater. They performed as a chorus, in percussion, cello, clarinet and flute ensembles and as an orchestra

UCMP and UCHS Jazz Ensemble Present Face the Music Concert

UCMP and the UCHS Jazz Ensemble had a joint performance with Face the Music Ensemble at the UCHS Theater in Union City

UCMP 2nd Year Anniversary Party

UCMP held it's 2nd Year Anniversary at the Marinero Grill. What a fun night!

Classes at Robert Waters

Here we share our classes at our new site, Robert Waters Elementary School. Very proud of the children and what they have accomplished!

2nd Annual El Sistema NY/NJ Showcase

Here are the pictures from our students\' performance at El Museo del Barrio! It was truly remarkable to see them share the stage with students from Corona Youth Music Project, UpBeat NYC, and WHIN Music Project.

Field Trip to Juilliard School of Music

On November 23rd, UCMP students were taken on a tour to the Juilliard School of Music in NYC. During our visit to this prestigious institution, our students had the opportunity to watch a orchestral rehearsal and also were given a tour through the school.

UCMP\'s 3rd Annual Benefit Event

What a great time we all had at our Third Annual Event! Thanks to all our volunteers, guest speakers, performers, students, teaching staff, DJ, Sound and guests for making this such a memorable event!

Display at Port Authority Bus Terminal

UCMP is being exhibited at the Port Authority Bus Terminal! It will be up during the months of October and November.

Performance at Port Authority Bus Terminal

UCMP students performed at the NY/NJ PortAuthority Bus Terminal on Thursday October 24th as part of the The Fashion Center\'s 10th Annual Arts Festival

UCMP\'s Family Night at Mamajuana Cafe

Great time at Mamajuana Cafe, one of our new sponsors! Thanks Carlos Saint Hilaire, Giovancky and the staff for having us. Great food and excellent service.

Paper Orchestra Students, Spring 2013

This is our Paper Orchestra for Spring 2013. Students are currently getting ready for their end-of-year recital!

La Casa Azul Performance in New York City

For La Caza Azul\'s 1st Year Anniversary, the UCMP gave a riveting performance in NYC.

Paper Orchestra Workshop 2013

UCMP kicks off it\'s second paper orchestra session with 28 children ages 3-6

UCMP\'s 2013 Spring Showcase

The UCMP held it\'s Spring Showcase the evening of March 30th in St John\'s Episcopal Church.

Performance at Robert Waters School

On Saturday, December 22, 2012 the UCMP children performed at Union City\'s Robert Waters School.

Performance at El Museo Del Barrio

Our students performed at El Museo Del Barrio\'s \"Super Sábado\" celebration.

Seminario Day at the Dimmena Center

Our students were part of the first ever Carnegie Hall Seminario Day held at NYC\'s Dimenna Center.

Union City Music Project Fall 2012 Session, 2nd

The UCMP kids were rehearsing the songs they will be singing in the upcoming concert in Carnegie Hall.

Union City Music Project Fall 2012 Session, 1st

UCMP\'s fall 2012 classes started off with offering the children classes with violins and xylophones

UCMP at the Museo Del Barrio

The UCMP visits El Museo del Barrio to do an instrument workshop along with the Corona Youth Music Project

UCMP\'s 2nd Annual Benefit Event

See the photos from the 2nd Annual Fundraising Event, which was held on September 12th.

The 1st First Student Presentation

The Union City Music Project held it\'s first student Presentation the afternoon of June 29, 2012.

Catalyst Quartet violinist Karla Donehew Perez

On June 4th, violinist Karla Donehew Perez, from the Catalyst Quartet, gave us special performance.

UCMP\'s Volunteer Parent Workshop

On Tuesday May 29th, UCMP\'s Music Director Samuel Marchan held a workshop with UCMP parents.

UCMP Proudly Presents it\'s First Session

With great honor, we present you the pictures from the kick-off session of the Union City Music Project.

Take a Stand Symposium of Los Angeles

From January 30 through February 1, 2012, the UCMP was part of the Take a Stand Symposium.

Paper Orchestra Workshop

In preparation for the UCMP\'s launch, the UCMP held a workshop on building a paper violin.

The Making of a Paper Instrument

Samuel Marchan, UCMP\'s Musical Director shows us how a paper instrument is made.

Brazilian Youth Orchestra at the Union City H.S.

The Brazilian Youth Orchestra Mariuccia Iacovino serenaded the Union City High School.

UCMP’s First Annual Benefit Event

On November 16, 2011, the UCMP celebrated it’s First Annual Benefit Event.