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UCMP’s Approach to Music Education

Orchestras and ensembles act as a model society where an atmosphere of competition between individuals is replaced by shared struggle. At UCMP, emphasis is placed on creating a community where each member supports one another and group achievement is balanced with individualized attention. As El Sistema’s Founder Dr. Abreu said, “The orchestra is the only group that comes together with the sole purpose of agreement.”
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UCMP’s after school program is unique because we’re committed to instilling in Hudson County’s children fundamental life skills as teamwork, responsibility, discipline, cooperative learning, self-esteem, self-expression, and creativity – all crucial to developing them into productive future members of our communities.

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UCMP offers private classes for students who cannot participate in our regular After School Program or those who want individualized attention. The first step is connecting with us to determine what would be most appropriate for your child.

Featured Teachers

These are some of UCMP's teaching artists who are the force behind our after school program as well as private classes

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